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Sip Of java

Sip Of Java is a weekly ~1 minute long video covering a topic in Java.

001 - Switch Expressions

Learn how switch expressions can be used to better handle n path scenarios: Link.

002 - Pattern Matching for Instanceof

Learn how the addition of pattern matching can greatly improve working with instanceof: Link.

003 - Launch Single-File Source Code Applications

Learn how to launch single-file source code applications with the java launcher: Link

004 - Text Blocks

Learn how text blocks greatly simply working with large and formatted strings in Java: Link

005 - Local Records

Learn how records make handling data transformation in methods vastly easier: Link

006 - Collection Factory

Learn how creating simple collections got a lot easier in Java 9: Link

007 - New Convenience Methods for String

Several new convenience methods have been added to String in recent releases of Java, let’s take a loo kat a few of them: Link

008 - Upgrade Runtime

Learn how to take advantage of new runtime features and improved performance by moving your existing binaries to the latest java runtimes: Link

009 - String Join

Learn how to quickly and easily transform list of objects into strings with delimiters, prefixes, and suffixes using the JDK 8 Join APIs: Link

010 - Unix-Domain Socket Channels

Learn how to use Unix-Domain Socket Channels to improve inter-processor communication on the same host: Link

011 - JDK Flight Recorder

Learn how to use the JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) to collect diagnostic and profile data from Java applications: Link

012 - Read File and Streams Improvements

Learn how to use Stream to improve processing large data sets: Link

013 - JavaDoc

Learn about some of the recent changes to JavaDoc and how they improve usability: Link

014 - Scanner - Find

Learn how to use the Scanner class to find content from an input source: Link

015 - Record Projections in JPA

Learn how to use Records when using JPA: Link

016 - Scanner - Tokenize

Learn how to use the Scanner class to tokenize and input source: Link

017 - Streams - Post-Java 8 Updates

Learn how Streams and its supporting types have been updated post-Java 8 to fill in functionality gaps and improve usability: Link